2020 - Christmas Biz and Beyond

Hello, followers, friends, and family! I hope everyone is taking care (particularly you, USA...). Typically you wouldn't hear from me until the November time-frame, but 2020 is different (in a lot of ways), and I'm reaching out in August with some exciting changes.

New Products

My goal this year was to expand my line of products to include items outside of the holiday realm. It's been important for me to keep the same "Taiwan-theme" when coming up with new stuff, but also a target not to fall into the "cookie cutter" type of merchandise you can buy anywhere. I finally decided to take my original influence (embroidery) and make year-round designs everyone can enjoy and even do themselves. I created DIY kits that come with everything you need to complete a Taiwan-themed embroidery project.

They are really unique and currently come in three designs:

- The "Dumpling Kit" (for beginners)

- The "Bubble Tea Kit" (intermediate)

- The "Formosa Flowers Kit" (advanced)


English-language craft classes are limited in Taiwan, which is part of the reason I want to teach the embroidery kits I've designed. I've had a few classes since the launch of my new kits and I've had a great response so far. I'm hoping to keep a regular schedule going, which I will keep posted on my website and Facebook page. I'm very much hoping to have DIY Christmas ornament classes at the end of the year, so stay tuned on that! Speaking of...

More Christmas

This year I also wanted to explore new ideas for my Christmas! The embroidered designs have struck a chord these last 3 years (thanks to all of you!!), and so I wanted to experiment with a new material, and see how it goes. Meet my new, zinc alloy metal "Cherry Blossom Wreath" ornament:

The cherry blossom is Taiwan's national flower and grows during winter time-frame, making it especially suited for a Christmas ornament. I really hope you like them because I have a few hundred of these babies already sitting in my craft room waiting for a home!

As always, every year I add a new embroidered design featuring the current year as forever memory and keepsake. Many of us foreigners in Taiwan feel incredibly lucky for being in a country that made so many efforts to keep us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This "home" design was influenced by this sense of gratitude for our temporary and/or adopted home of Taiwan:

If you have read this far, it's extremely likely that you've supported my small business in some way - directly or indirectly. Thank you so much and I hope the rest of this year will treat you right.



PS... as of August 14 there are 133 days until Christmas...

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