2019 Ornament Release!

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I'm excited to release brand NEW ornament designs for Taiwan this year! These re-vamped images are upgraded from previous year's designs.

- Our annual Taiwan design now features the island front and center, with a gold ribbon to add a fancy element. So many things about this special country bring me and my family "Joy" so it only felt appropriate to at this holiday-esque word as an embellishment. As the only ornament in the line up including the year, this option is the perfect gift for any family or friends who happened to visit you this year.

- Taipei 101 is special, but.. what about all of our other favorite places in Taipei?! Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, the Grand Hotel, Neihu Ferris wheel, and BeiMen (North Gate) combine with the 101 to make a truly impressive line up of iconic buildings in Taipei. Gold embellishments sprinkled throughout give this image a special shine.

- This year we upgraded the pine tree and berries display to a full on poinsettia image. The classic flower can be seen around Taiwan, especially during the holidays, and paired perfectly with the accompanying gold text above. We included the English and Chinese text to add to the east-meets-west flavor.

Check out the difference for yourself....

2018 2019

A lot of hours went into brainstorming and hand stitching new Christmas designs! I'm quite proud of the final results and hope you enjoy them too!

Brainstorming and testing in thread form.

I am also very excited to include some additional countries in the mix this year. A warm welcome to Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore! Please stay tuned for more designs and the store launch soon.

Thanks and Happy (early) Holidays!

- Kara

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